Let's shake things up! Well, we are more than halfway through the year but it's never too late to catch up on that new year's resolution we all have – to work out more! We share our favourite Youtube workouts that will get you moving, sweaty, and glowing! Now, let's get started, shall we? 


Pamela Reif

Pamela's workouts are straightforward and hits every sweet spot. From workouts ranging from 6 minutes of abs sequence (this burns, a whole lot!) to 15 minutes cardio dance workouts, there is no second guessing why she is quite our favourite. If you're up for the challenge, try her brutal abs workouts! They are brutal but trust us, you will feel so good after.


The Fitness Marshall


Let's take practicing Tiktok dances up a few notches with The Fitness Marshall! From grinding to twerking and voguing to today's top pop hits, these workouts will leave you feeling like a total diva. Who said working out couldn't be fun and still pack a punch? 


Sanne Vloet 

 Sanne's workouts feature pilates which is a cult-favourite workout type among supermodels! Her focus on wellness makes everything so intense yet relaxing all at the same time. The cherry on top? Her voice is calming and soothing, taking you on a full-body pilates flow to strengthen and tone up your body. 


Sami Clarke

A powerhouse, Sami's workouts are one of our favourites because of her impeccable taste in music. It might seem like a secondary thing, but a great workout playout list amplifies your experience and really gets you going! With polished and sharp moves, her workouts will get you feeling weak in the knees in the best way possible.


Romee Strijd 


Ever wonder what workouts Victoria Secret angels get up to? Wonder no more! Romee's workouts are easy to follow and the ones with Dogpound are quite the best. The guided instructions from the instructor give an added layer of clarity making it as personable as it can get from working out at home. We hope you're ready for legs day with Romee! 


Don't sweat it, or do! It's our turn to get the grind going and we can't wait to see your sweaty selfies x